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All Products Made in UK

The main concerns when customers are looking for the right bodykit are quality, fitment and stock. At Aerokit we believe that the only way to overcome these three main elements was to follow the old saying 'If you want a job done right, DO IT YOURSELF' we did. 

Unlike all other bodykit suppliers Aerokit have their own fabrication centre in the UK. All the products that we offer are all handcrafted from scratch here in the UK. WE DO NOT IMPORT ANY KITS FROM THE FAR EAST OR ANYWHERE ELSE. 



The first stage of the process is to ensure the mould is clean from any imperfections. Next two layers of gelcoat are applied onto the mould. The gelcoat determines the colour finish of the bumper and acts as a protective coating for the fibreglass. Once this has cured we can start laying the fibreglass and resin in the mould. Our trained technicians use a triple layer hand lay up technique. You will notice that our parts are thicker than cheaper parts but also maintaining the same weight, this is due to a special resin that we use. Once the fibreglass lay up is complete the mould with the piece still in it is left in a temperature controlled environment so the resin can cure. 









Once fully cured we have to remove the piece from the mould. This process is extremely delicate as the piece must be removed without damaging the mould or the piece. Next step is for the piece to be trimmed. You can see in the picture that the piece will have edges of fibreglass, this is because when laying the fibreglass it must be laid over the edge of the mould to ensure that the edges of the piece is fully covered by fibreglass. The final step is to finely sand down the edges of the piece, you can see in the final sanding photo that after trimming there are still parts that must be smoothed. This is only a simplified version of the whole process, there are many other details which have to be carried out to ensure a quality product is produced. Not as easy as you thought eh? All our technicians are qualified composite crafters and are fully trained to work with fibreglass tooling. 


As you can see the final product that we produce is of the highest quality. The image below is of a bumper fitted to a car with no modifications at all. The lines are correct and the bumper fits onto the car easily.