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What are your products made out of?

 First and foremost FIBERGLASS = FRP , there a lot of companies claiming to sell FRP products and not FIBERGLASS products....

 FRP stands for Fiber Reinforced Plastic........ ‘‘Fiber’’ can includes Fiberglass, Carbon or Kevlar, so if we are talking about an FRP bonnet, the bonnet could be made out of fiberglass, carbon or kevlar..... just a little play with words could make you think you are in fact not buying a fiberglass product.

 And the answer is yes our products are made out of FIBERGLASS unless otherwise stated. In this current market there are rarely ANY plastic aftermarket exterior enhancements available in the form of bumpers etc, this is simply because the demand for such items are relatively small compared to ie a standard Honda Civic bumper


PROS and CONS for fiberglass?


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to customize
  • No rust
  • No warpage (under normal weather conditions, which is why we do not import bodykits in containers as when they are on the ships the container is prone to extreme weather conditions which cause warping)
  • Long lasting


  • If made poorly can be very hard to reshape as FRP products are thermosets. Once cured they are very rigid. (which is another reason why we do not import bodykits as the manufacturing plants in the Far East have no way of test fitting kits prior to making a mould)
  • Im sure you have all heard fiberglass products are prone to cracking or damage upon heavy impact......Isn’t everything?


Please look in our dealer section for authorized retailers or you can always buy direct from the Aerokit Sales team


DO YOUR PARTS COME WITH FITING KITS?Unless stated otherwise no our parts do no come with fitting kits. Generally you can use your original parts if you are fixing a replacement part, however you can buy products from the Aerokit fitting kits and tools section